Hakuhodo Brushes or MAC brushes

What brushes do you use?  Do you love them?

Have you heard of Hakuhodo brushes?  I highly recommend them!  I really love the history of Hakuhodo.  They are made in Japan.  In the same town that is known for calligraphy brushes, for about 200 years.  This town, Kumano, makes 80% of brushes that are made in Japan.I bought 3 brushes from them.  They are all made of goat hair.  I had no idea  how soft a goat was!  They could have told me it was rabbit hair and I would have believed them.

J5522 $20-Large Tapered Blending Brush. It’s a little less full than the Mac 224 $32 and a lot softer.   The real benefit of the Hakuhodo is the tip.  It allows you to place the color in the crease. The softness makes it easy to have a very blended look.  The Hakuhodo J5522 is larger than the Mac 242 so really great for a large eye.

J142 $19-This is a smaller Tapered Blending Brush. It’s shaped exactly like the J5522, so again the tip allows you to easily put the color in the socket.  It’s smaller than the Hakuhodo J5522 and the Mac 242.  This is my favorite of the 3 I bought.  Perhaps because I don’t have large eyes.  Again, so soft you don’t want to stop blending.

J5523 $19- This brush is flat with a rounded tip.  This is VERY similar to the Mac 217 $24.  I feel like the Hakuhodo is a bit softer.  The Mac is more dense from base to tip than the Hakuhodo.  The Hakuhodo is equally as dense at the base and tapers a lot faster to the tip.  There’s not enough difference between the two to warrant buying the opposite brush.

Hakuhodo Brushes J5522 J142 J5523
Hakuhodo vs. Mac
Hakuhodo J5522 Mac 224

The last thing I want when applying eyeshadow is for a brush to poke me with scratchy bristles.  These 3 brushes are made from goat hair and are not dyed.  They are my first 3 but I know they are just the beginning!  I hear you don’t truly experience Hakuhodo until you have some face brushes!

Here’s some interesting history of the Hakuhodo brand.   They started a deal with Mac in 1995 http://www.hakuhodousa.com/index.php?itemid=3&catid=1

(Did you look at the metal piece that connects the brush to the handle of the Hakuhodo vs that of Mac?)




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