Skincare 101- Basic Skincare Ritual

I want the best skin I can have at all stages of my life, this is how to start the process of building your personal skincare ritual

First you need to understand what skin type you are:

Normal, Oily , Dry or Combination

Normal-You really don’t have any issues with oil or dryness.  However, products that are harsh might dry you out as well.

Oily- Skin produces more oil than normal, large pores(typically on nose and chin), prone to acne.  You might feel like you’re makeup slides off your face and that you need to touch up your powder through the day. Blotting sheets are a great item to use during the day.  There is a huge BENEFIT of oily skin-aging takes longer for this skin type.  That’s right you look younger longer naturally.

Dry-  After cleansing your face feels tight and dry.  Skin might feel painful until a moisturizer is on.  Dry skin is more likely to be sensitive.  Dry skin begins showing wrinkles earlier.  You’re skin might even flake or be red.

Combination- Might have Oily T-Zone, or cheeks might become tight and dry feeling.  Basically, parts of the dry and oily description are items that you can relate to.

What your skin type was last year might not be your skin type now.  Aging, climate, diet, and medication can all affect your what type skin you have. Not to mention what the wrong products can do…  A harsh cleanser can make a skin type seem dry.


The basics to skincare are:


Cleanse(specifically a product designed for the face)

Moisturize(lotion if you are oily typically- very dry would want a creme)

Sunscreen(SPF 30-SPF 50)


Makeup Remover(IMPORTANT STEP- don’t ask your cleanser to take off your makeup and then clean.  I think of it as- I empty my pockets before washing my clothes.)

Cleanse(specifically a product designed for the face)

Moisturize(lotion if you are oily typically- very dry would want a creme)

Most people are wanting to add a few steps.  So keep in mind;  what skin type you are, what you want to accomplish and how many steps or time are you willing to commit to your skin.

There are many items that could be added.  But it’s important to only add 1 product at a time.  Patch testing is the best way not to risk having a reaction on your entire face.  To Patch test:  Use the product on the back of the wrist for a few days.  If no sensitivity then use the product on a part of your face for a few days.

Here are a few items to add to your basic skin care routine:

Eye Cream-This can be used day and night.  The eye area is one of the first places to start to show aging.  Unless noted by the manufacturer this product should only be placed onto the orbital bone.  The majority of eye creams do not go on the eyelid.

Exfoliation- This can be used day and night to once a week.  Depending on your skin needs.  The purpose is to lift off dead cells from the skin.  This can be physical with a product with beads in the item, or an electric face brush, or konjac sponge to name a few.  It can be chemical with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid(AHA- typically for non oily skin types) or a Beta Hydroxy Acid(BHA- might be to harsh for an extreme dry skin).

Treatment- Actives(if you want to start an active having a good sunscreen is vital) are a great way to see benefits in your skincare.  However, not all actives are friends and some require extra waiting time after they are applied.  Consider Actives a part of an advanced skincare routine. Perhaps another post…

Toner- Toners were once used to restore the skin’s PH due to using a harsh cleanser or bar soap.  If you are using a correct PH cleanser then there is no need to use this type of toner.  There are 3 types of toners:  Alcohol based(depending on the percentage can be pretty drying- Sometimes someone with oily skin over strips their skin.  Then the skin produces even more oil.  Avoid over stripping), Water or Glycerin with a fragrance, or Water based(filled with anti-oxidants, hydrating, calming, soothing, or one with something like niacinamide).

Some ingredients you might not want to see in the top few ingredients  if you have sensitive skin in your skincare:

  • Denatured Alcohol-can cause dryness as well
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Citrus
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfate
  • Fragrance
  • Many people have issues with a lot of herbs including but not limited to: Lavender, and Sandalwood

Again, this is really just to get you started with a skincare ritual.  This basic ritual would be the same regardless if you were 15 or 85.  The sooner you start daily skin care the better your skin will be in the long run.

Let me know if you are interested in a Part 2 or a more advanced skincare system with more steps or a deeper understanding.


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