Kat Von D- Shade & Light Contour Palette REVIEW

DSC_3840  Contour, contour, contour.

Lots of talk about contour and highlight. I first learned about contouring from an outstanding book called “Making Faces” by Kevyn Aucoin. It’s a beautiful book and what he did with contouring and highlighting is inspirational.

I really like the Shade & Light Contour Palette by Kat Von D $46.00.  This is a powder contour/highlight palette.  These would be applied after you use your foundation and powder.  The trick is to blend and leave no harsh lines.  Use a contour on places you wish were further back (perhaps below your cheek bone).  Use a highlight where you wish something was more forward (maybe the top of your cheek bone.

In this palette there are 3 highlight colors and 3 contour colors. The sombre contour was reason enough for me to buy this. I love how it looks like the perfect shadow on my face. I’m extremely fair so the highlight by itself doesn’t highlight enough. This palette would be best for light to medium dark skin types. There is enough variety for many people to benefit from this kit.


Also, there is a great card that describes how to contour and highlight. There are instructions on how to define your cheekbones and how to make your face look slimmer and how to shape your nose.  Again, remember to blend and then blend again.

To define your cheekbones take a contour color and apply it directly under the cheekbone from your ear towards your mouth.  Then take a highlight shade sweep this color on the highest place on your cheekbones towards your hair.

To slim your face starting on your forehead and along the side of your face all theDSC_3843 way to your jawline use the contour color to make that area recede.  You can also place a bit of highlight in the middle of your forehead.

There are many more great tips included with this amazing kit.  Not only do I love the product but the packaging is really cool.  This would also make a good gift for someone.

She also sells a contour brush. The angled side is for contouring and the tapered side is for highlighting.

There are tons of other palettes and single item products that would have similar results. Here are a few others that you may want to look at as well: Anastasia of Beverly Hills $40, and Color FX Contour Kit $48.00.   All of these are available at Sephora.

Some contour and highlights are powder, some are creme and also there are stick versions.

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