Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette

DSC_4023 Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals All About Shadows 8 Pan Palette $36

There are 5 different Palettes

The palette pictured is the Nude version. They also have Pinks, Greens, Grays and Blues.  These are in my opinion, much needed permanent additions to the Clinique line. It’s great if you need to add shadow to your personal makeup collection or if you need a convenient travel set of shadows.  There are a lot of what Clinique is calling “soft shimmer” shades.  If you only wear matte eyeshadows this eyeshadow palette isn’t for you. DSC_4026Here are the shades swatched.  I wore 5 of the eyeshadow shades today. I would say they looked great for 9 hours with a primer. It’s now been 12 hours. I feel like if I was going to dinner a little touch up would be nice. I love the compact, with a mirror and a last resort applicator. Those applicators just don’t compare to good brushes.  The compact would travel great and would be small enough to slip into a handbag.

Here is my rating. I’m going to rate these a B+

It had good staying power

I’m keeping it

I’ll wear it again

So, what kept it from rating higher? I would have liked at least one more matte color.

I wouldn’t buy all of the shades.

I didn’t buy an extra to use as a gift.


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