Foundation Brushes -different shapes and how to use them

DSC_4030 With so many foundation brushes where do you start?  Which one  do you buy?  I actually switch what my favorite brush is quite often.  I like each brush for different reasons.  I don’t own every type of foundation brush so I’d love to see your favorite.  DSC_4044 Let’s start with what I’m going to call a traditional brush.  It is flat and the top is rounded.  To use this brush, I typically put some foundation on the back of my hand and get some product on the brush.  To use this brush mimic how you would use a paintbrush with long downward strokes.  The reason you take the brush in a downward motion is so you don’t lift any hair on the face. You will most likely see some streaks.  Now take the brush and lay the bristles on your face and pat the face and the streaks are GONE.

The Duo Fiber Style Brush.  The benefit is you don’t need much foundation.  You can apply the product in a DSC_4043gentle circular motion.  The motion should be moving the brush but your face should not be moving much.  You might try and apply the foundation on the face and then use the circular motion with this brush.  If you have normal or oily skin you will really love this brush. For Dry skin you can see some cakiness with the circular motion with this brush.  One tip to avoid the cakey look is to use a spray like the Smashbox Primer Water or Mac Fix Plus on the face.  Then apply primer.  Spray the face again and also spray the brush.  This brush will give you light coverage.

This is a Flat Top Kabuki brush.  This will provide a full coverage.  You use this the DSC_4042same way as the duo fiber in a circular motion.  Some people also stipple the foundation with this brush. Really nice with a powder or cream to powder finish.

DSC_4040 DSC_4036These are considered buffing brushes.  The one with a gold handle is the low end version but the results are similar.  Again, these can be used in a circular motion or with the stippling method.  These are great to help push product into large pores, basically filling the large pores. These will provide a flawless finish. Medium to complete coverage.

The Beauty Blender.  Yes, not a brush but DSC_4048I couldn’t leave it out. Get this completely wet and then squeeze out the excess water.  Use this damp.  I apply the foundation to the back of the hand then press the sponge into the product. Then bounce the fat end of the Beauty Blender on the face. Gently tapping on the face.  The pointy end is good for working with your concealer around the eye.  This will provide a light coverage.

These aren’t the only shapes of foundation brushes but they are a good sampling.  The brands featured in this post range from Mac Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Sigma, Real Techniques, IT Cosmetics and Beauty Blender.  If you want to try something new, the Real Techniques brush is great to experiment with.  This company makes a variety of brushes to choose from.  They are good quality for the price and I would say play with  those and then invest when you fall in love with a specific shape or shapes. There are many other brushes not in this review. Different brands.  Different shapes. These are the “normal” shaped tools.


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