Under Eye Concealer tips and tricks

One of the most frequent questions I receive is about concealers.  So from personal experience as well as tips from some highly talented makeup artists that were willing to share their personal tips, I have compiled all of the information for you.

Using moisturizer around the eye- When we talk about the eye area generally, less is more.  This is absolutely true with an eye cream.  You don’t want your eye area to feel too greasy, moist or tacky.  Most eye creams are not designed to be applied inside your orbital bone.  So basically they aren’t designed to go up to your lower lashes or on your eyelid.  If an eye cream can be applied in that area it will be noted on the package.

Common Eye Concerns:

  • Dark Circles- The concealer should cancel out your dark circle.  Remember the color wheel.  The corrector you use should be opposite on the color wheel from your darkness. An example is if your dark circle is blue tinted then try a salmon, peach or even an orange if you have darker undertones.  If you are fair you want a very light shade of that color.  If you are dark you could use a color that is  a bit more vibrant.  The corrector on the dark circle should ONLY go on the dark area.  Do not apply a colored corrector where it doesn’t need to be.  There is a lot of talk about using a red lipstick.  Many people won’t really need a shade quite that bright.  Additionally, the consistency of a lipstick is different than a concealer so the results would be different.  After you apply the corrector then apply a foundation gently without disturbing the correcting you just completed.  If you still need brightening use a liquid concealer lighter than your face.  Try bringing the concealer down in the triangle shape.  I’m linking what I think is a good video on Dark Circle correcting.
  • Puffiness-The goal is to cover the shadow from the puffy area with a small concealer brush but not highlight the puffy area itself.  The concealer should be lighter than your skin.

Here is a great video for Puffiness:

  • Lines and wrinkles:  The first trick, if you don’t need much coverage, simply less concealer will make a difference in your creasing.  A liquid concealer is often the easiest product to use that doesn’t crease.  If you need more coverage from a cream concealer then make sure you warm the concealer in your fingertips then pat the concealer in place.  (Use these additional steps with a cream concealer. Apply only as much as you need. Apply foundation on top of cream concealer.  Then apply liquid concealer on top of the foundation. )  Setting the eye concealer with a setting powder is going to make a big difference. If you have a lot of creasing you can use an under eye primer like the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  (Reviewed here)  A quick fix from an amazing artist that works for La Prairie is: If the concealer creases just press that area lightly with your finger.  It will help remove some of the excess.

A few great powders to set with are:

Anastasia Banana Powder

Ben Nye

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

If you don’t have any correcting you want to do and youunnamed just want highlighting under the eye.  Start in the corner of your eye and take the line to the corner of your eye.  Take stair step lines shorter towards the outer corner of your eye.  Now take a brush or sponge and pat.  If you have a lot of concealer you will want to either spray your brush before patting or spray your dampen your your Beauty Blender(sponge) before patting.

Here is a video with some great tips.


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