Estée Lauder Little Black Primer-REVIEW


Estee Lauder introduced the Little Black Primer this year.

This is a very interesting product with 3 benefits.  The claims are that the Little Black Primer will tint, amplify and set your lashes.

TINT- Estee Lauder’s original Lash Primer was white so it couldn’t be worn alone.  This new version is black so it could stand alone as a mascara.

AMPLIFY- the Little Black primer can and should be used as a base for your other mascara.

SET- Brush over mascara to make your favorite mascara water resistant, preventing flaking and smudging.  Do you know the difference in waterproof and water resistant?  I like to think of it this way; waterproof you can swim in, water resistant you can walk through the rain.  This is a great plus that you can use this product to set your favorite mascara to become water resistant. Also great for anyone that experiences the frustration of smudging.

Here is my personal review:DSC_4674

This has a very little brush.  The benefit is it can grab even the smallest of lashes.  If you are using this as a tint, I think it’s a great product.  The first coat of this is pretty separating.

Here’s a picture of me using the Little Black Primer on the eye to the left.  This is one very light coat.  I would suggest applying a thicker coat or more coats.


Now you can see what happens when both eyes have mascara.  Even with a very light coat of Little Black Primer you can absolutely see the difference.


Now the part I was most excited about was the ability to make your mascara water resistant.  Well, I learned that your mascara needs to be completely dry. If your mascara isn’t completely dry then you might experience what I experienced.  CLUMPING.  When I tried it again and allowed my mascara was dry then clumping didn’t occur. DSC_4671


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