Sephora + Ebates

Ebates is a site that you can use to shop. You click into the Ebates site and then choose what online store you want to shop. What’s in it for you?  Well, they give you a check for a percentage of your purchase! Different stores have different % back. They also have specials for a higher % to get back.  When you sign up you get $10 bonus after your first purchase.  To Sign up: Click Here

Today I’m mentioning Ebates because it’s the last day for Sephora VIB members to get 15% off their purchase. Well, today Ebates is making it more interesting. If you sign into Ebates and click that you want to shop at Sephora, Ebates will give you 8% back today.  Then when you get to Sephora sign into your VIB account and Sephora will give you 15% off and free shipping over $50.

Let’s do the math…..

Step 1: Sign into Ebates.  If it’s a your first purchase you will get $10 bonus.

Step 2: If your Sephora order originally would have been $60 and if you are VIB and you sign into your account your total today is $51.  So you still get free shipping.

Step 3: Ebates will send you a check for $4.08.

You saved over $13 on your $60 purchase! If it’s your first purchase you also get the $10 bonus.  (Mine was a Macy’s gift card).


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