Face Bronzers-questions answered.

I have quite a few bronzer questions that I want to answer.

First you should choose a bronzer 1-2 shades darker than your foundation or if you don’t wear foundation it should be 1-2 shades darker than your skin.

Below are few different ways to apply a bronzer.

1.  Use a loose fluffy brush and apply the bronzer all over the face and neck.  It’s important when bronzing that you don’t forget to apply it also to your neck. This will help you look more natural.  Also the temple and the bridge of the nose should be slightly darker.  The more you apply, the darker you will look.  But remember, you still want to look natural.  If this is your desired method, typically you would look for a bronzer that isn’t too orange.

How to Get Your Base Makeup Right2

2.  Apply the bronzer along the outer perimeter of your face.  On the right side, sweep the brush in the shape of a 3 along the outside of your face.  Imagine the center line of the 3, bring the center line of the 3 in at the cheek bone.  On the left side just reverse the 3.  You can also take a bit down your nose.  Refer to the image for a guide.

3.  Just apply the bronzer at your hairline along the edge of your temple.

4. A slightly more advanced option is to use a cream bronzer. Or if you can’t find one, you can use a blush(you are looking for a shade that is similar to your natural color when you burn. Generally, a pink or orange or somewhere in between) and lightly apply the cream where the sun hits.  You are mimicking the impression of a slight burn. Stipple the cream to the tops of the cheeks, temple, bridge of nose and a bit in the on the chin.  Basically wherever you naturally burn.  Then take your powder bronzer and lightly apply over the cream blending so there are no distinct lines.  This method takes a bit of practice to look natural.


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