Makeup Geek Cosmetics

Last year, I discovered a brand named Makeup Geek.  I bought a few eyeshadows to start.  The price was really good so I wasn’t expecting much.  The day I received my little box of eyeshadows, I opened the box and gently opened the eyeshadow and I swatched a little color.  The color was rich and pigmented.  The shadow wasn’t powdery and was easy to blend.  I opened shadow after shadow with the same results.  Then I went to my computer and placed another order.  I loved them so much that when my mother came over I ran out with all of my new shadows and showed them to her! And then she ordered, too!  Since we have come to know and love Makeup Geek we have added to our collections.

So let me show you my personal favorite shades. The shadows are $5.99 each:

Beaches & Creme


Cocoa Bear

Creme Brulee


Peach Smoothie

Barcelona Beach





 Prom Night

This year Makeup Geek introduced Foiled Eyeshadows $9.99.  Foiled Eyeshadows have a lot more sparkle than the rest of their shadows.  Here are a few of the colors they carry.

If you want even more intense color you can buy powder eyeshadows called pigments $6.99.  These are a fun way to add even more sparkle to the eye.  I will include a picture of the Makeup Geek version next to what is considered the closest MAC pigment.  If you have never used a pigment, you can spray your brush with Mac Fix plus and dip the brush into some of the pigment. But the way I apply pigments is sprinkle a little pigment into a small container and drop a few drops of eyedrops into the pigment and mix the product to the desired consistency.

My personal 3 favorites are:




I also love their blushes.  The blushes can be purchased in a pan for $9.99 or in a compact for $12.99.

My personal favorite is Spellbound.  Here are the swatches from the Makeup Geek site:

When you purchase shadows and blushes from Makeup Geek, the eyeshadow and blushes are in just a pan and not in a compact.  Makeup Geek sells  empty palettes that you can fill with your eyeshadows and blushes.

I recently reviewed the ZPalette.  Click here to read more about the ZPalette.

Here is the link the ZPalette sold on Makeup Geek.

Makeup Geek also has a lot of other items I haven’t tried yet.  So pop over to their website and do some shopping.  Maybe you can tell me about some other items from them that I should try!

Click Here to get to the store: Oh So Pigmented - Makeup Geek Eyeshadows


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