St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse Review


St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse is another favorite self tanner  of mine.  It is a very lightweight mousse, that provides great color.  The mousse is very easy to work with.  There is no overspray to worry with when you use a mousse.  This self tanner doesn’t come with a tanning mitt.  They do sell the mitts individually and I would recommend buying a mitt if you are new to self tanning or if you have a tendency to have streaking when you self  tan. This tan dries very fast and is one of the better scented self tanners, in my opinion.  Really if it’s a self tan, I have low expectations for a perfect scent with any of them.

HONEST MOMENT:  The first time I DSC_5316pumped the mousse I thought my bottle must be bad.  The color of the guide in the mousse is not the most attractive self tanning guide.   It just looks a little green. But don’t worry, the self tan that this product creates is lovely and natural.


Here’s the St. Tropez on the lower part of the arm in two different lighting situations.


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