Broken Eyeshadow Fix

A tragedy has occurred.  One of the most sought after eyeshadow palette’s this year is the Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette by Morphe.  Let me explain  how important this thing palette is.  Jaclyn Hill is a YouTube Makeup sensation and she collaborated with the cosmetic company Morphe to create a palette with her favorite colors. It was available Jan 1, needless to say the traffic on their website caused their site to crash repeatedly.  There was lots of emotion about this launch and about it being sold out so fast. I was one of the fortunate ones to obtain this palette.  Well this week….a tragedy occurred.  One of  my shadows BROKE!


I don’t even know how it happened.  I was traveling with it but it wasn’t dropped and the shadow isn’t on an edge.  Here’s a picture of the tragedy:

Now to get to fix a broken shadow.DSC_5362

With the shadow back in it’s original pan, drip a few drops of alcohol into the pan.

The eyeshadow should be similar in texture to a thick paste.

Smooth the shadow as best as possible.

Allow it to sit for 30 minutes or until it’s thickened but not quite completely dry.

Grab a coin the same size as the shadow and wrap the coin in a piece of fabric or tissue and press the shadow. Or just press the fabric or tissue with your finger. (I used an old pillowcase)

Press firm enough to pack the shadow but not too firm where you break the shadow again.

Allow the shadow to continue to dry overnight.

Here is my finished project.


There’s no reason to cry over a broken shadow.


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