Chanel- Blue Notes(Rhythm) de Chanel


Chanel is releasing a new collection this summer called, “Chanel Blue Notes de Chanel.”  This is a Summer 2015 launch releasing in June 2015.  The entire collection is absolutely breathtaking. The main color in this collection is…blue.  That was pretty obvious, right?  I don’t even wear blue makeup and I’m head over heels in love.  From what I’ve read not all pieces will be released world wide.  UK launches Blue Rhythm de Chanel May 29.  US launches Blue Notes de Chanel June.

Let’s take a look at the at the collection:

Chanel Les 4 Ombres – $61.00
#244 Tisse Jazz (Limited Edition) (US Only)
#246 Tisse Smoky

Illusion D’Ombre Velvet – $36.00
#98 Melody

Illusion D’Ombre – $36.00
#102 Mysterio (Limited Edition) (Europe Only)
Ombre Essentielle – $29.50
#116 Swing
#118 Midnight


Le Volume de Chanel –$32.00

#70 Blue Night
Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel – $32.00
#90 Noir Khol (Limited Edition)
Cils Scintillants Mascara Top Coat – $32.00
Jazzy Blue (Limited Edition)
Ligne Graphique de Chanel – $34.00
#60 Dream Blue (Limited Edition) (US Only)
Stylo Yeux Waterproof – $32.00
#916 Perle de Lune
Gloss Volume

Le Vernis – $27.00
#665 Vibrato
#681 Fortissimo (Limited Edition)



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