Skincare 101- Oily Skin

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with someone with oily skin.  This young lady was doing what so many people do by trying harsh products to eliminate oil.  It is almost impossible to truly control all the oil of an oily skin person with topical products.  Oily skin is often the result of hormones.  The hormones in oily skin is over producing oil.  Many people with oily skin take extreme measures to eliminate the oil by using an irritating or drying product.   Initially it will seem like success against the oil but what will happen is your skin is going to produce even more oil. If a product has the fresh, tingle feeling what is happening is your skin is being irritated.  Don’t use a product that irritates with menthol, lemon and/or alcohol.  Stripping the skin creates a visious circle…My skin is oily so I’m going to strip my skin….Now my skin is even oilier.  Additionally, thick creams or heavy lotions could clog your pores.  Consider using lightweight liquids, serums and gels.  Your skin most likely will change types so continue to evaluate your skin to determine that you are using the correct system.  Let’s walk through oily skin and skincare.

Let’s first define oily skin.  If you have oily skin:

  • Your skin is shiny an hour after you clean your face.
  • You describe your skin as greasy by lunch or early afternoon.
  • Your pores are enlarged in your T-zone.

Basic Skincare steps:

  1. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser.  (Sodium Lauryl Sufate-should be avoided).
  2. Tone (alcohol free).
  3. Exfoliate.  Exfoliating will help remove any dead cells as well as help unclog pores.  Chemical exfoliation will be the most beneficial.  For oily skin a Beta Hydroxy Acid(BHA) will make the biggest difference.  Not only will a BHA exfoliate but it actually helps with inside the pore so the oil can get to the top of the skin’s surface and not create breakouts.  Additionally a BHA will help with any discolorations from previous breakouts.
  4. Lightweight gel/lotion for hydration
  5. SPF 25 or higher.

There is also another cleansing technique to consider.  Double cleansing with a proper cleansing oil.  I spoke about double cleansing HERE.  An oil cleanser is designed to clean. My favorite brand by far is Shu Uemura. Here is the link to my favorite brand HERE.


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