Morphe Brushes 9B The Blushed Blush Palette REVIEW

DSC_5745In January, I bought a Morphe Eyeshadow palette.  The inexpensive price made me a little nervous.  Currently, their eyeshadow palettes range from $19.99 -$22.99 based on the palette you choose and it has…35 eyeshadows.  Yes, I said… 35 eyeshadows!  So, I expected them to be a powdery mess.  I expected them not to last all day.  BUT I WAS WRONG! They are absolutely, lovely!  They are a nice texture, they blend nicely and they last.  I’m so thrilled with the palette.  I really don’t know why it took me so long to order more products from them.  Recently, I decided to order a blush palette from Morphe.  And again, the price made me nervous.  9 blushes for $19.99.  Morphe did it again!  I’m in love again.  Great palette!

Needless to say, I highly recommend this blush palette.

Here are the blushes swatched:


A brief description of the blushes left to right.

1st row from the top

Left:  warm matte peach

Center:  cool pink peach shimmer

Right: shimmer apricot

2nd Row

Left: warm matte neutral

Center: very similar to the one on the left but this one has some shimmer

Right: the coolest blush in the palette

3rd Row

Left: matte plum

Center: matte deep rose

Right: matte bright coral


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