Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush -REVIEW


Makeup brushes are possibly my favorite makeup item.  I love a brush that makes the makeup application easier and more attractive.  I especially love a brush that is soft.  The Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush is just that!  The Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush is $72.00.  It was designed to work with the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick but it can be used with creams or liquids.  It has a densely packed brush head.  The brush is 6 inches long and the brush head is 1 inch in height and width and a 1/2 inch thick.  The brush is made in Japan(rumored to be made by Hakuhodo). It’s not a super small foundation brush but it’s absolutely not large.  It can be used around the nose easily and with a little effort around the eyes as well.


I love the way the handle feels. It is made from a lacquered brown mahogany and is designed for comfort and control.   The hair is either goat or a blend of goat and horse.  The bristels are extremely soft.


I know it’s expensive but good brushes last a long time.  I wouldn’t recommend this to be your first foundation brush.  I would recommend you try different brush shapes to determine what you like.  I have a lot of foundation brushes that I alternate in between for a large number of reasons.  One brush I have found that I like is a low end brush.  It has a similar shape so I knew I would love an upgraded version.  This Tom Ford really shouldn’t be compared to the low end brush but just to show you a low end shaped brush that is similar.

DSC_5871 DSC_5875

The brush next to the Tom Ford is the Real Techniques Expert Face brush.  As you can see they are not at all exact, but the shape helped me realize how much I needed the Tom Ford.  It was a good test.

Let me show you another brush, also not like the Tom Ford, but also something less expensive that you could test out. Below is the MAC 159.  With the MAC 159 you can see if you like a smaller foundation brush.

DSC_5872 DSC_5874


I also love the Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush to use as a buffing brush for people with large pores.  I have a few large pores on my nose and this brush made them look non-existent.

So today, if you were to ask me what my HOLY GRAIL foundation brush is, it would be the Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush.  It deserves all the rave reviews that are out there.


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