How to Choose a Blush

I want to share with you how I choose a blush.  Do you wear blush or do you avoid blushes because you can’t find the perfect shade.  Finding that perfect blush for most of us is a never ending quest. I love so many blushes and so many types of blushes.  I have blushes of every price point-and in tons of textures:  cream, powder, gel, stain, liquid and everything in between.  Let me share with you some ways to help the search a little easier and a lot less stressful.

Everyone should have at least 2 blushes to choose from.  One blush that is a little more cool and one blush that is warmer.  If you are fair, you will want a lighter blush.  If your blush is too bright or deep in shade apply it lightly. If you apply to much on the cheek you can use a beauty blender to roll some of the pigment off, or you can top with a little powder. Medium toned skin will want a blush that is more intense.  If a blush is too light it can look ashy on your cheek. You don’t want to look over done and your cheeks to be the first thing people notice.  The blush generally should look like a natural flush.   Although, with some looks you might want to be a little different than a natural flush.  If you have a darker skin tone, you want the color to be deeper or more intense.  Again, make sure it’s not to light of a blush resulting in an ashy look.  Most blushes are buildable to give you more.

TIP:   Apply your lips first then your cheek.  It will help you become more harmonious in your blush choice and how intense the blush should be.

TIP: to find your most natural flushed blush shade.

  • Make a tight fist a few times
  • Your palm will now be the perfect natural flushed shade blush
  • Hold you hand up to the blush selection and see which blush is closest.
  • This would be your natural flush color and should be a blush basic for you.

Here are some recent links to Indie brands with blushes:



CLICK HERE for Makeup Geek

I also really like this piece about blush on the Sephora site(click the logo)


Here’s a good video from Marlena at Makeup Geek.

Here’s a good video from Wayne Goss

Let me know if you want more reviews on blushes.  Maybe, holy grails or cult favorites, or new blushes.


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