MAC Guo Pei Collection

MAC x Guo Pei

Launching Fall 2015(October) MAC x Guo Pei Collection

The 16-piece collection will include lip gloss, eye shadow and blush.  “The choice of the colors gives me a sense of power. I was inspired by the colors of the universe. Blue is a very important color because it is a color of the soul. It’s also the base color of the universe and our world. I chose pink and coral for the lip colors because I think they are colors of happiness. I want to affect the people around me with happiness.”


Guo Pei, a 45-year-old designer, creates lavish designs for Chinese stars like Li Bingbing and Zhang Ziyi and has even been compared to prestigious couturier, Charles James

Guo Pei is a 45 year old designer.  She is one of the most esteemed designers in China.  This year you would have seen her dress on Rihanna, at the Met Galla.  She employs 450 craftsmen, of whom 300 are embroiderers and 150 are designers, and, according to the Wall Street Journal, the most expensive outfit in her showroom is a man’s suit made from 30,000 pieces of real pearl that can cost up to £500,000.

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Rihanna's canary yellow gown made headlines following her appearance at the Met Gala on Monday - so who is the lady behind the extravagant design? 

The Beijing-based designer believes that it's her responsibility to convey China’s tradition and past through her designs, as well as redefine couture in her home country

The Beijing-based designer has been creating fashion for 26 years


Here is the tester unit for this beautiful collection:

Those compacts look like little works of art.


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