Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel- REVIEW


Soleil Tan de Chanel

This is absolutely a bronzer cult favorite and has been for years.  I will start with the fact that this status is WELL DESERVED.

I am very fair and have cool undertone, so a lot of bronzers turn orange or look muddy or just don’t look natural.  I protect my skin with an SPF45 or higher all the time so I have NO sunkissed look on my face. This bronzer is simply going to warm the skin in a natural looking way.  Which by the way,  I love.  Soleil de Chanel is a beautifully buildable creme bronzer.  I typically apply a layer of the Soleil de Chanel bronzer, blend and then apply more.  If you want to look even more bronzed you can apply a powder bronzer on top of it.   It’s a solid creme texture that comes in a jar.  The bronzer comes with an important plastic cover that will keep the product good for a long time.  So don’t throw the cover away.  I apply Soleil de Chanel with buffing brush and it blends out so easily over my powder.  I know there is a “rule” in amakeup that you should apply-liquids and cremes on top of liquids or cremes not on powder.  That you should apply powder products  on powder.  But that rule doesn’t apply to this product.  This really can be applied on top of cremes or liquids, it can also be applied on top of a powder without issue.  I have no creasing with this ever.  It also lasts for about 7 to 8 hours.  So you will be sun kissed all day long.

Here’s Chanel’s description:

The velvety finish of this light cream-gel bronzer leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-kissed look. Wear it on its own to enhance your complexion, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favorite CHANEL Foundation.


Here is my before and after with the creme bronzer on.  The light slightly changed but you can tell how it just warmed the face, providing a sun kissed look but not overly bronzed.

I do love how the jar has a luxurious, weighty feel.

  DSC_5881 DSC_5883

Here is what the bronzer looks like when you open the jar.DSC_5885

Here is what the bronzer looks like when you remove the plastic cover.   Make sure you keep the cover on tightly to keep the bronzer in good condition for a very long time.


If you are new to bronzers or if you just need a little sun kissed look this is the bronzer for you!

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