YouTube Nikkietutorials MUST WATCH

I don’t share a lot of YouTube video’s here, although there are a lot of people on YouTube and follow and adore.  Daily while getting ready in the morning I watch at least 2 YouTube video’s about Beauty.  If I can’t sleep and I’m not reading blogs I’m watching more YouTube video’s.  They motivate me, inspire me, they also fill the time that I wait in between active ingredients in my skincare routine.  Some are funny and some are more informative.  I watch video’s on application, product reviews, and about launch products.  Recently, I watch one video 4 times in a row and countless times since the initial time.  The video is absolutely, a top favorite video for me and I highly recommend everyone watches it. Nikkietutorials literally transformed her face in front of my eyes.  Her ability to explain how to apply and why she’s applying something is truly a gift that she has.

Here is the video:

Please like the video.  It deserves to have over 100k likes.


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