Baking and Cooking undereye concealer- PREVENTING CREASING UNDEREYE

Have you heard about “Baking” or “Cooking” your under eye concealer?

Do you have an issue with creasing under your eye?

There are a number of things you can do to help prevent creasing under your eye.  Starting with applying less concealer.  If you apply a lot of concealer it is more likely to crease.  If you have already tried that and creasing still occurs then….let’s get baking!

This technique has been around for years but as trends do it’s making it’s rounds again.  I actually like the technique and the way it looks.

Here are the steps to Baking under the eye:

  1. Apply Skincare
  2. Use Foundation as normal
  3. Place concealer under eye as normal
  4. Place loose face or eye powder on concealer.  You can apply the powder with a Beauty Blender, a puff or a brush.  But apply a lot.  We will dust it off later.
  5. STOP leave the powder alone.
  6. Let the powder adjust to your skins temperature for 5 minutes.
  7.  Now dust the excess powder off under the eye.

(There are some small variations to this method in the video below)

Below is good a video showing Baking.


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