MAC- Nordstrom’s Finest Eyeshadow Palette


MAC- Nordstrom’s Finest Eyeshadow Palette


This is a great palette with beautiful color options.  If you are trying to build your MAC eyeshadow collection, this is a great palette to pick up.

Shades include:

  • – Beaded (light golden beige)

    – Goldmine (intense gold with shimmer and frost finish)

    – Chains of Love (midtone coined bronze with frost finish)

    – Cork (muted golden brown with satin finish)

    – Carbon (intense black with matte finish)

    – Orb (soft peachy-beige with satin finish)

    – Plummed (shimmering dark plum with veluxe pearl finish)

    – Luscious (neutral bronze with frost finish)

    – Soft Brown (soft golden peachy brown with matte finish)

    – Trax (burgundy-plum with shimmer and velvet finish)

    – Retrospeck (beached blonde with luster finish)

    – Persuade (midtone cool grey brown with matte finish)

    – Greensmoke (tarnished olive with luster finish)

    – Felt (cool neutral army green with satin finish)

    – Print (muted grey with shimmer with satin finish)


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