We know that skin shows aging.  Around the eyes, lips, neck, décolletage and hands(to name a few places).

What you might not realize is that great lashes can make you look younger!

Image result for mickey and minnie

Let’s look at Mickey and Minnie.  The biggest difference between them is the bow and those LASHES!

Women with longer, fuller lashes are perceived as 10 years younger than those with shorter, sparser lashes.  As we age, lashes become shorter and more sparse.  Eyelash follicles can slow or even stop producing lashes entirely as we get older.

If you are reading this and you are thinking that you are still young but you have thinning lashes there can be other reasons for that…

  • Rubbing along your lash line or your eyelid
  • Eye irritants
  • Certain medications

Now let’s talk through some solutions:

Makeup:  There are great mascaras out there.  I have mentioned some in the past and I have more to review soon.  Be sure to replace your mascara every three months to avoid infection.

False Lashes: This is a great way to add youth to your look.  There are top lashes, bottom lashes, and single hair lashes. There are inexpensive synthetic and there are luxury mink lashes that feel completely natural.  There are so many different false lashes from dramatic to natural looking. False lashes are an easy way to change up your look.

Esquido has a link to get $5 off of your lashes HERE.

Lash Extensions– These can change the length and thickness of your lashes.  Also, the look can be natural to dramatic.  This is typically pretty pricey but can have quite beautiful results. Make sure the person applying them is trained.  There are some terrible stories of infections, etc.  So ask around before deciding who will apply your lash extensions.  State licensing requirements vary from state to state.

Prescriptions: Prescription treatments are available for your lashes.  Speak to your dermatologist for options.

Lastly, make sure you are gently removing your mascara every night.  DO NOT SLEEP in your mascara.  This is the most important thing you can do to care for your lashes.


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