Natasha Denona conference call with Beautylish

Natasha Denona and Beautylish had a conference call today. I know so many of you weren’t able to join.


So here is my recap.


She was born in Croatia.

From age 1-18 lived in Germany- considers German her native tongue.

She enjoyed painting and dancing while she was young. She was on a ballet/modern dance tour in Israel for 2 months when she was 12-15. She fell in love and felt Israel was her home. Before every performance she had to do her makeup and loved it.


Later she went into modeling in the 90’s. sometimes 4-5 fashion shows a day for 7 years. She always did her own makeup. Her husband told her she should be a makeup artist.


She is a self taught makeup artist, has won 2 Oscars for makeup, opened a makeup artistry school 15 years ago.


The school started with 2 students.Now everyday she has 2 classes with 24 students 5 days a week. She is teaching until 10pm at night.


What was her first ever go to makeup product? Nars Balance Foudation-no longer made


What was her first product she make? Blackest Black Shadow


When she started the look in the 90’s was smudge and greasy but ND was also working with everyday women and wanted to bring the everyday look into fashion—-Fresh looking skin- not greasy-no oily.


“I believe in starting slowly don’t be greedy. Learn from everything.”


“Respect everything you get.”


“If I will do a makeup line. I have to stay true to myself.”


Eyeshadows- “I did the shadows for people who love makeup and the artists.”

“A starting palette for people to start a career. I didn’t intend for it to be a big thing.”

“Everyone said 28 pans was a mistake. I trusted my instinct. I needed 28 pans for me. It worked.”


I want products that are not in the market.


Pressed pigments-that will smoothly apply to skin without a base. like a cream.


I like dark and medium shadows to glow and be metallic. So they look glamorous not dramatic.


Palettes- Trust the combination of colors. the turquoise for example is next to the browns or nudes they balance well. If you aren’t sure how to use the palette use just a column of the shadows from top to bottom.


Shadow ingredients- they contain crushed pearl.


Talc- Most shadow’s have talc. In Italy if it contains talc. Talc must be listed in the first ingredient regardless of how much is in the product. Most of the shadows in the palette are metallic and don’t contain talc. Our talc is the highest quality. It allows the skin to breathe. Low level talc is not in our product . Low level talc clogs pores and prevents the skin from breathing.


Shadow base- She has one coming out.

She also recommends applying the shadow with either the finger tip or with a pony tail type brush. Press the shadow on. Tap the brush if you are using a brush. Don’t dig to much shadow out of the pan. You only need a little bit.


Mature eyelids- use more shadow and create a full coverage. Then use a transition color to blend the first shade.


Hooded eyes- Make sure you extend the shadow past the fold of the eye.


Matte shadows—Will be coming out


Creasing under the eye- don’t use a heavy cream. Use the Magic Matte primer


How to decide to do a dramatic or natural eye- If the person has strong features don’t fight with their features. Do a natural eye.


What blush is her favorite?

#15 Sheer Nude and #7 Netural Beige

For light skin #1 and #15

For dark skin #6, 13, 18, 17, 12, 11
Foundation for a mature skin- Glow foundation


How to conceal Fine Lines- Lifting primer(has vitamin a , retinol, hyaluronic acid) massage into the area you need to change.  If you have pores use a foundation that is more matte in those areas.  Like Cinematic foundation.

How to cover up pores- Magic Primer blend into area until it’s a matte finish.  Then use a matte foundation.  Tap the product into your pores with a sponge.  If you need powder use the HD powder with a baby puff.  And press.


Dark spots or dark under eye- Orange toned concealer.  Don’t use to light.  It should be as dark as the foundation.


How does someone get noticed as an artist?  Kindness.  Don’t think you know everything.  Have confidence.  Listen to advice.  Don’t get hurt.  Be a part of it.  Behave like your client is your first Client.


I learn from doing makeup everyday on everyday women.


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