Pat McGrath at Sephora


Pat McGrath is one of the most influential makeup artists in the world, and the impact of her work in beauty and fashion over the past 20 years is unparalleled. The visionary looks she imagines—then creates for runways, advertisements, and editorial—define beauty trends of the future.

What it is:
A transformative trio with a highlighter and balm duo, brush, and pigment to take highlighting to the next level.

What it does:
Turn up your skin’s glow with Skin Fetish 003. Explore an array of exquisite effects—from bare, to dewy, to stunning luminosity—beyond the typical color spectrum. This transformative kit is packed with backstage secrets so you can pull off seductive, sublime skin. Take highlighting to the next dimension with this addictive trio’s incandescent pigment, buffer brush, and dual-ended Shiny Stick™, featuring a lustrous highlighter on one end and beautifying balm on the other.

This set contains:
– 0.26 oz Shiny Stick highlighter + balm duo
– 0.14 oz 003 Pigment
– Buffer 003 brush

What else you need to know:
Choose from the Skin Fetish 003 in Golden or Nude (sold separately).

Suggested Usage:
-Swipe balm alone onto high points of skin for a fresh glow.
-Apply highlighter, followed by balm pressed on top for runway radiance.
-Buff the pigment over the Shiny Stick duo for a surreal gleam of otherworldly opulence.
-Lavish light anywhere on the face and body, adding sumptuous sheen to eyelids and lips.
-Apply it on the browbones, corners of eyes, and the décolletage for a brightening effect.



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