Free product for reviewing? It’s true!

I joined Influenster(my link earlier this year. I’ve received 3 boxes of products to review.

My first box was 3 Full sized L’Oreal Skincare.

The second box was a YSL color corrector.

The third was 2 SKII products. (I love their essence by the way).


So so that prompted me to look around at what other companies are looking for reviewers. I love to share my opinions anyway. Sounds like a match made in heaven.


So so here is what I’ve found(I have only signed up and not yet received boxes to review.  I can update this as that changes.)

House Party is a little different than the others. They actually want you to share via a house party as well as online. I find this a super fun concept.   Click here for House Party:


Smiley360- Click here for Smiley360:

Click here for Influenster-


Are there others I haven’t found yet?  This is so exciting. I love to try new product. I love to share my opinion.


The tip is to fill out the surveys so they know which products would be best for you. Sometimes they want you to write stuff it’s to see how you will write.

They say go on the sites everyday so they feel you will be active after they send you products.


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