L’Oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal Daily Scrub Cleanser Review


L’Oreal Revitalift Bright  Reveal Daily Scrub Cleanser Review:


I’ve been using this product for about a month. The micro-pearls and Glycolic acid gently exfoliate while I’m also cleansing my face.

L’Oreal RevitaLift Bright Reveal Brightening Daily Scrub Cleanser Review
L’Oreal RevitaLift Bright Reveal Brightening Daily Scrub Cleanser As we age our skins natural ability to shed dead skin cells declines. So to keep your skin looking bright, even toned and smooth adding an exfoliator is vital. I started testing this product when I #gotitfree from Bzzagent and L’Oreal Paris I’m rating this cleansing scrub 4 stars Let me tell you why.

1 star–This has gentle micro-pearls and glycolic acid. The micro-pearls are much more gentle than most physical exfoliator. Sometimes physical exfoliators hurt, this one was very gentle. This scrub is perfect for people that like a physical exfoliator because you also get the benefits of a chemical exfoliator as well.

1 star–If you don’t like a lot of steps this product is combining your cleanser step and exfoliating step.

1 star–price -$6.99. That’s a price point that’s hard to beat for a cleanser or exfoliator and you are getting both for that price.

1 star for scent. This has a very light scent so if you are sensitive this is a good non overly scented option for you.


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