Kat Von D Lock-It



IMG_1828 (2)I have been testing some new Kat Von D Lock -It products and wanted to give my feedback about each product I have been testing.


First, let me tell you I LOVE the Kat Von D brand.  The products consistently deliver amazing results.  I have tried a large number of products and am always pleased with my purchase.  Great eyeshadows, foundation, lip products and so much more.  This will just be a review of my newest products from Kat Von D.



Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer $26

This is a full coverage concealer.  Perfect for people that struggle with dark circles.  I also tested this as a concealer base and it performed pretty good.  the doe foot applicator has a pointed tip.  This pointed tip allows you to get the concealer into smaller areas like the corner of the eye or up to the lash line.  The product lasted all day on me even in the summer heat.

If you struggle with significant wrinkles under the eye you would want to use a sponge like a Beauty Blender to blot the excess concealer so the product won’t crease.


I also love the fact there is so many shades.  If you struggle finding the perfect shade of concealer, you should absolutely look at this one as  your new concealer.


FullSizeRender (32)

Kat Von D Lock-it Edge Concealer Brush $24

This is a very different shape than a “classic concealer brush”.  This is a little thicker and a little shorter.  Honestly, all companies should make a concealer brush in this shape.  It blends beautifully.  The only reason for the classic concealer brush is to lay down product, however, most concealers have a doe foot for application so the brush needs to blend.  I also love the long sexy handle.  It feels so nice in the hand. The brush can be used to blend concealer under eye, it can also lay down concealer on lid or around other discoloration.  I also tested it to lay down a base color shadow and it performed nicely.  I’m quite happy with this brush and if you only buy 1 thing from this review buy this brush.


Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder Brush $38

I LOVE a Tulip shaped face brush.  A tulip shaped brush is perfect to get powder into all the contours of the face.  You can angle the brush to get into even small areas of the face like around the nose.   Many people believe the smaller the brush the more control you have. Due to the size of the brush this can also be used for bronzer.  Much like the concealer brush this also has that long sexy handle that feels nice in the hand. This brush will be perfect for anyone who is looking for a soft and easily controlled application.


Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder $30

This lightweight loose powder will be perfect for anyone that has normal to oily skin.  The packaging is very luxurious and the attention to detail really shows with this packaging.  Even the holes to let the powder out is in the shape of a star.  This would be beautiful sitting on someone’s vanity.  The only person that possibly won’t love this product is someone with dry aging skin.



Overall, I love the new Kat Von D products.  If I were to give a star rating for each of them here’s where they would fall.

Concealer- 5 Stars

  • 1 Star for Packaging
  • 1 Star for Full Coverage
  • 1 Star for range of colors
  • 1 Star for long wearing
  • 1 Star for innovative doe foot design

Concealer Brush- 5 Stars

  • 1 Star for innovative shape
  • 1 Star for softness
  • 1 Star for performance even with non KVD concealers
  • 1 Star for luxurious feel specifically with the handle
  • 1 Star for multi uses

Setting Powder Brush- 5 Stars

  • 1 Star for softness
  • 1 Star for size of brush not being too large
  • 1 Star for luxurious feel specifically with the handle
  • 1 Star for multi uses

Setting Powder- 4 Stars

  • 1 Star for packaging
  • 1 Star for lightweight feeling
  • 1 Star for pricepoint
  • 1 Star for long wearing

I did receive this products free for testing.


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